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Sher Consulting & Training and Milouda Laboratories, subsidiary companies of Mérieux NutriSciences, are fully committed to providing a range of services to Israeli FoodTech companies, starting from the product development phase up to its shelf appearance. We offer services in various fields related to laboratory, regulation, product quality and safety, and sustainability.

Our companies provide comprehensive solutions with the full conviction that the FoodTech industry will change the face of humanity, for the better! We share a common goal and are proud to be part of this industry and its innovative processes. Hence, it should be no surprise that our customers include some of the most promising FoodTech startups and the largest food companies in Israel, in addition to companies from other industries.

We interface with regulators, investors, and customers with the highest level of professionalism under uncompromising standards of quality, thanks to our tools, equipment, and subject matter expertise, which enable us to offer extensive and wide-ranging solutions and services in Hebrew and English.
We’d be happy to assist you with your needs and arrange a preliminary meeting free of any obligations.

For the past 40 years, Milouda Laboratories has been one of the leading laboratories in Israel in the food industry.

Milouda Laboratories usis advanced equipment and employs leading scientists and professionals who oversee processes, perform laboratory tests, and conduct various experiments, in accordance with the changing needs of customers.

Mérieux NutriSciences was founded over 50 years ago and is one of the worlds leading analytics and consulting companies.

The global corporation operates in 27 countries, has over 100 laboratories, and employs nearly 8000 people around the world.

Sher Consulting & Training has been providing high-quality solutions to leading food companies in Israel since 2003.

The company employs over 60 experts from varied disciplines and offers wide-ranging services in food quality and safety, food regulation, and sustainability to its customers in Israel and around the globe.

Food Regulatory Affairs

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The production, marketing, and sale of food require compliance with the regulatory requirements in the target market, even when localization to the target market is not necessarily relevant to other markets.

These regulatory requirements are often complicated, challenging, and varied in each location, thus requiring significant industry knowledge, experience, and resources, especially when it comes to innovative food ingredients, cutting-edge technologies, or the use of materials/equipment that have not been utilized before.

Understanding the regulations is crucial even in the primary phases of development. This understanding is necessary in order to avoid complicated and regulatory processes, e.g. finding alternatives for raw materials that are not allowed to be used.

Comprehending the correct regulatory path will enable an efficient allocation of resources, shorten the development process, help target the relevant market, and assist in building a sound business plan that will be used by the company when seeking funding.

Sher Consulting & Training has in-depth knowledge of “regulatory language,” both in Israel and in global markets. We boast rich experience with food startups and have a long-standing professional relationship with our parent company, law firms, and regulatory consultants who specialize in the food industry.

This enables us to provide comprehensive regulatory solutions and services from the brainstorming stage up to product marketing in various locations worldwide, including:

  • Feasibility report – Regulatory review status of product/ technology

  • Gap analysis -Constructing a work plan to meet regulatory requirements in various target markets

  • Novel food registration in Israel, the EU, etc.

  • Compliance with product or technology requirements/ registration in the US according to the relevant path:

    • GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)

    • FCM – Food Contact Materials

    • NDI – New Dietary Ingredients

    • Food additives

  • Constructing/ adjusting package labeling for all target markets

  • Management of outsourced regulation to companies and ongoing support for the needs of regulators, investors, customers, and suppliers

Laboratory Services

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The innovation that FoodTech will bring requires cutting-edge solutions in laboratory tests. These tests are undertaken in order to prove to regulators, investors, and future customers that the product is indeed safe for consumption and of high quality.

Milouda Laboratories makes the field of laboratory testing accessible to the world of FoodTech while providing broad solutions to various challenges, such as extremely low quantities of the tested product, transporting and preserving samples under special conditions, while taking into consideration the uniqueness of each product.

The Mérieux Group is one of the few in the world that knows how to provide Digestibility Studies in a specialized laboratory in Italy. This innovative series of tests make it possible to demonstrate the effects of the product on the human digestive system and is required by regulators worldwide to prove safety, e.g. as part of the recognition process as a Novel Food.
The laboratory team in Israel and global development centers provide consulting services and guidance regarding the laboratory tests recommended to be performed at the various stages of development and in the final product. We also offer advice at the end of the process, by providing test protocols and analytical reports.


Better World
Building a Sustainable Strategy

The food industry as we know it has a profound impact on the environment (e.g. water resources, Land usage, biodiversity, waste, greenhouse gas emissions), society (e.g. equal employment, community relations, hunger prevention), and government (e.g. food access, product safety, social security).

Beyond the great economic opportunity that FoodTech developments hold, most companies operating in the industry also work to change the way food is consumed, so that it is more sustainable.

Product Safety

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Public health and product safety are the top concerns of anyone and everyone who deals with food. Obviously, these concerns are the top priorities for all regulators in all target markets.

Sher Consulting & Training offers broad services and solutions through the stages of factory planning and the establishment of a food safety system:

  • Methodological risk analysis (HACCP by design) during the product development stages

  • Examining the factory design, ensuring proper manufacturing conditions

  • Drafting technical documentation as part of the process of obtaining a manufacturer’s license

  • Establishing a quality food safety management system

Building infrastructure in the field of food safety is required as part of the process of obtaining licensing and permits, as well as meeting customer demands and global standards.

Sensory Tasting

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A product’s success in the market is driven by a combination of factors of the customer’s experience with the product, including sensory characteristics, brand image, price, and packaging.

Measuring the sensory elements of a product during the development phase is crucial to its market success.

At Mérieux NutriSciences, we collect information to better understand customer and market behavior, whereby enabling our customers to adapt the developed products to market needs and customer preferences. Tests are performed according to strict industry standards and by utilizing advanced equipment.

Sensory tests are performed according to customer need and may include:

  • Test by a panel of experts that produces a sensory profile

  • Customer surveys in target markets around the globe

  • Tasting tests at the customer’s home in a way that stimulates daily consumption of the tested product

  • Sensory comparison tests against a leading product in the category

Validation Tests

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Laboratory tests of the work environment and final products are Based on sampling and therefore do not provide a comprehensive response for safety and control of the food production process. 

In order to verify that the work process is correct and results in a product that meets an organization’s quality and regulatory requirements, the work processes must be validated with an emphasis on processes that contain critical control points (CCP).

Milouda Laboratories assists FoodTech companies in determining the required validation processes (e.g. cleaning and disinfection, shelf life, packaging, etc.), planning and writing a common protocol for validation, carrying out the actual processes, and drafting a validation report. 

We are committed to the diligent and strict quality assurance system of Mérieux NutriSciences, which guarantees high-quality tests and reliable results, accompanied by professional subject matter experts.

There is a dedicated team at Milouda Laboratories tasked with carrying out process validations, as well as advice and guidance from our international group.