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Obtaining a Kosher certificate is a marketing advantage for food companies. The symbol on the package label is highly sought after and can help expand the market for food companies. However, with over 200 Kosher certificate bodies globally, it can be challenging to determine which certificate to obtain.

As a part of Mérieux Nutrisciences, Sher Consulting and Training offers a unique Kosher service that guides food companies through the process of obtaining Kosher certification, and strikes a balance between a broad audience reach and minimal production changes.
This service was developed in collaboration with Rabbi Yaakov (Yanki) Hoffman, head of the Kosher department at Sher Consulting and Training.

Kosher certification might induce high and unexpected costs

A kosher consultant helps implement a cost-effective and time-saving certification process and minimizes the amendments required

Kosher certificate differs from other certificates in the way it operates

A kosher consultant helps reducing frustrations by meeting expectations

Market penetration might not be achieved with Kosher certification chosen

Kosher consulting will help food companies reach the widest market in the target region


Jews have been following a strict set of dietary rules prescribed by the Bible and the Scriptures.

For hundreds of years observant Jews have been following a strict set of dietary rules prescribed by the Bible and the Scriptures. These rules include which animals are allowed to be consumed, the way they are handled and slaughtered, complete separation between dairy and meat and many other restrictions. Buying food and eating out in modern times poses a significant challenge for religious Jews, who are concerned that the food they purchase may not be Kosher. For this purpose, an elaborate network of Kosher certification schemes has been established over the years, each scheme catering to a different community or sector. Observant Muslims also follow religious dietary law, Halal, which has some overlap with the Kosher law and also requires specific labeling.

Why Kosher Consulting?

Kosher certificate

The acceptability of a Kosher certificate is influenced by geographical and cultural factors, and certificates are accepted by different target audiences. For example, the Orthodox market, the Kosher observant community abroad, and the Halal observant community. It is critical to understand the differences between these audiences and to choose a Kosher certificate that meets your target market’s needs.

While obtaining a Kosher certificate can be a significant advantage for food companies, the process can also lead to unexpected costs and market compatibility issues. Changes in the production process to comply with Kosher requirements may have far-reaching economic implications for the business. Additionally, fees and supervision costs differ from one Kosher organization to another, making it challenging for many food companies to decide which organization to choose.

Our Solution

Kosher Materials

Mapping raw materials, equipment, technologies, and the production environment for each product the client wishes to approve as Kosher


Mapping the Kosher requirements of different Kosher certification bodies


Creating the strategy, taking into account minimum changes to the production line and maximum market penetration

Needs & Interests

Selecting a Kosher certification body that fits the company’s needs and interests


Assisting the company in obtaining a Kosher certificate from the most suitable Kosher certification body

Kosher Food Labeling

Assisting with reports to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel when exporting Kosher products to Israel

Kosher consulting for food-tech companies

Support and establishment of a Kosher system for Pesach (Passover)

Training programs for Kosher issues


About Rabbi Hoffman

Head of the Kosher department at Sher Consulting and Training

With 20 years of experience, Rabbi Hoffman has worked in a variety of positions, including supervision in Israel and abroad. He has also managed marketing for one of the largest Kosher organizations globally and served as the VP of development for Star-K Middle East, Africa, and Europe.