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Food Regulatory Affairs

Sher Consulting & Training is Israel’s leading regulatory affairs consulting firm, with more than 15 professionals delivering high quality consulting and training for the largest food groups operating in Israel and for the country’s cutting-edge innovative Food-Tech companies.

Our mission is to conduct a broad regulatory risk management process, based on regulatory compliance, to mitigate potential business, media and reputation risks originating from regulations and their interpretation

Food Quality and Safety

Our Food Quality and Safety Division handles a range of activities focused on the establishment, implementation and maintenance of product quality and safety Management Systems. Our customers include manufacturers and service providers in the food and feed industry, the food packaging material industry, analytical and calibration laboratories, cosmetic companies and many more.

Our professional team is one of the leaders in the country, with relevant education, knowledge…

Sustainability & EHS

The Sustainability and EHS division at Sher Consulting and Training assists organizations in integrating sustainable practices, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, and promoting workplace health and safety.

The professional team consists of experts in various fields, bringing a diverse range of knowledge and experience. This team includes environmental specialists, sustainability strategists and analysts, health and safety professionals, compliance experts, and learning specialists. 


Sher Consulting and Training provides a large variety of learning solutions ranging from traditional classroom learning to breakthrough cutting edge learning methods and technologies.

The following five principles guide our planning and delivery of training services:


Sher Consulting & Training and Milouda Laboratories, subsidiary companies of Mérieux NutriSciences, are fully committed to providing a range of services to FoodTech companies, starting from the product development phase up to its shelf appearance. We offer services in various fields related to laboratory, regulation, product quality and safety, and sustainability.

Our companies provide comprehensive solutions with the full conviction that the FoodTech industry will change the face of humanity, for the better!

Kosher & Halal

Obtaining a Kosher certificate is a marketing advantage for food companies. The symbol on the package label is highly sought after and can help expand the market for food companies. However, with over 200 Kosher certificate bodies globally, it can be challenging to determine which certificate to obtain.

As a part of Mérieux Nutrisciences, Sher Consulting and Training offers a unique Kosher service that guides food companies through the process of obtaining Kosher certification, and strikes…