EHS Regulatory Compliance Audits (Due Diligence)

This audit will allow the company’s management to get a complete picture of the gaps in mandatory requirements for environmental and/or safety issues and to build a broad plan to reduce the gaps as required. The assessment will be performed according to defined checklists. This audit is also used for assessment of a company’s compliance (DD) and for reducing legal exposure.

Service content

  • Mapping relevant legal requirements for the organization in the areas of environmental care and employee safety.
  • Preparation of checklists based on the laws, regulations, bylaws and individual conditions of the organization (specific permits).
  • Carrying out an on- site audit to examine compliance in terms of the law. This phase will include a tour of the company’s premises, holding meetings and interviews with employees and checking the compliance of internal procedures.
  • Generating a summary report describing the gaps identified from the defined requirements, and any activity proposed to close the gap, if found.
  • Mapping the gaps will include a “traffic light rating” regarding compliance (Green –requirement met, yellow – partially met and red – unmet).
  • The report will be delivered in Excel format that will allow easy analysis and efficient use.


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