Zoning Definition and Environmental Monitoring Program

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Proper planning of the manufacturing system and preventing cross-contamination has a critical effect on reducing the potential for product contamination. Sher Consulting and Training provides professional consulting on mapping work processes and material flow in the premises and formulating an environmental monitoring plan accordingly.

The program’s purpose is to help identify possible sources of microbial contamination originating in the work environment and defining the necessary tools for maintaining the proper conditions for hygiene and sanitation. Additionally, the environmental monitoring program meets the requirements of the following food safety standards: FSSC 22000 and BRC.

Content of Service:

  • Mapping all areas and flows, i.e., material, worker, waste, etc.
  • Defining hygiene levels in each area of the factory (hygienic zoning)
  • Formulating a indicator/pathogen monitoring program for the work environment
  • Defining corrective actions for deviations in environmental monitoring
  • Implementing the program and carrying out training