Product Safety

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The major food manufacturers are diligently committed to food product safety, alongside their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Food safety incidents receive widespread media coverage and consumer awareness of the issue is growing.

Additionally, authorities require organizations in the food chain to comply with food safety provisions as a condition for obtaining a product permit.

There is a wide variety of standards dealing with food safety, including:

  • FSSC 22000/ISO 22000
  • BRC and BRC-IoP
  • IFS
  • GolobalGAP and more
  • The standards emphasize different points. Nevertheless, they all share a preventive approach, aimed at minimizing and reducing risks to public health. This principle is achieved by performing a risk assessment and determining the critical control measures (CCPs / preventive controls). In addition to performing risk assessments, a management system must be in place and include the ability to identify resources, define prerequisite programs (PRPs), prevent food fraud, enable food defense, and more.


Content of Service:

  • Establishing a product safety management system: 
    • Carrying out an on-site infrastructure and sanitation review, and defining priorities accordingly 
    • Training the organization’s management and food safety team members on relevant standards 
    • Providing support to the organization’s food safety team during the risk assessment and determining the required control measures 
    • Drafting the control plans (CCPs / oPRPs / Preventive Controls), including the monitoring method, verification, and validation 
    • Writing the procedures required for quality and product safety management systems 
    • Undertaking internal audits to examine the implementation of the system and its application
    • Providing support to the organization during certification audits

  • Professional consulting and support for existing product safety management systems on issues such as: assessing product safety risks in organizational work processes, conducting infrastructure surveys and assisting in finding solutions, providing guidance for documentation specifications, improving procedures and guidelines, analyzing incidents of product safety non-compliance and assisting in preventing recurrence, supporting product safety inspections, etc.