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Laboratory Certification for ISO 17025 ISO / IEC 17025 defines the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. The standard is suitable to all laboratories, regardless of employee number and the scope of the laboratory’s activity. The laboratory can choose the specific tests for which it wishes to receive the certification from the certifying body.

These requirements will be defined during the scope of the certification. The certification confers an official and accepted recognition in Israel and globally by an objective, national organization of the laboratory’s ability and professional competency to carry out its activities as defined in the scope of the certification.

Content of Service:

  • Identifying and mapping the technologies and methods requested for certification, while gaining an understanding of the laboratory’s activities
  • Preparing approved organizational documentation for submission to the relevant laboratory accreditation authority and providing support in the initial application to the authority
  • Establishing a quality system per the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 standard including procedures, working instructions, and forms
  • Composing the professional documentation, including testing / calibration methods and validation protocols 
  • Implementing the system in the laboratory by conducting training, internal audits, support in the summary of validations, and preparing a validation report
  • Conducting an internal audit in preparation for the certifying audit, including accompanying corrective actions for the audit’s findings 
  • Providing support for the certification audit of the relevant laboratory accreditation authority and determining the corrective actions for the audit’s findings in several rounds carried out vis-à-vis the authority.