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Food Labeling


A food product’s label is how it communicates with the consumer. The written information includes the product’s composition, nutritional values, health claims, marketing messages, and more.

Every detail on the package can have a regulatory impact. Displaying erroneous or misleading information, even in good faith, exposes the manufacturer, importer, retailer or distributer to allegations from authorities and consumers and might have severe implications, including consumer harm, product recall, litigation and damage to brand reputation.

The Service Includes:

Label formulation – constructing and adapting the written information according to product specifications and providing a summary document with the required marking, according to legal requirements per country.
Label examination – examining and validating an existing label based on regulatory requirements. In addition, other elements are verified, such as illustrations, marketing information, and any additional relevant information. A report will be submitted that exhibits any detected discrepancies. This report will allow for amending the label and will reduce harmful exposure to the company due to incongruencies.
Creating nutritional labeling – generating a nutritional labeling table based on databases. The nutritional labeling table is calculated adhering to nutritional labeling regulations and complies with regulatory requirements, including health claims.
Kosher labeling – generating and validating Kosher marking, adhering to the requirements of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and/or other relevant religious authorities. A report will be submitted that exhibits any detected erroneous information.
Petfood labeling – generating and validating petfood labels according to international regulation including FEDIAF and AAFCO. Labels can be reviewed for nutritional information by our veterinary nutrition and regulatory specialists. For more information, please get in touch with our office by email: