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Food Imports into Israel


“The Protection of Public Health (Food) Law, 5776-2015” and the Israeli Ministry of Health’s procedure for importing food place the responsibility on importers. The product’s compliance with the requirements of the country of manufacture does not indicate compliance with Israel’s requirements.

Therefore, importers must ensure that the products adhere to local requirements. The National Food Service differentiates food imported to Israel by “sensitive food,” “sensitive food in the European path,” and “regular food.” The import process is different for food products defined by the Ministry of Health as sensitive compared to the import of regular food. Importing food and dietary supplements can be complex.

We employ an experienced team specializing in food regulation. The staff is well versed in legal requirements and proficient in examining import files and labeling.

The Service Includes:

The service is tailored to the needs of the organization and includes managing the import process:

  • Importer and warehouse registration
  • The import license renewal and/or updating data on the import license
  • Complete management of the import license
  • Monitoring the import license validity, including warehouses and relevant documents, until the updated license is obtained
  • Constructing an import portfolio for regular, sensitive, sensitive foods in the European path and dietary supplements
  • Creating labels and validating markings
  • Constructing and validating safety files for dietary supplements
  • Raising flags on issues that require the importer’s collaboration for risk management
  • Overseeing the case with the Ministry of Health while working directly with the manufacturer until obtaining import permits
  • Import permit renewal
  • Changes to import permits, including re-validation of documents
  • Complete management of the import file – validity monitoring, supervision certificates, and relevant documents in the file, including working with the manufacturers for renewal
  • Working directly with customs to assist in the process of releasing goods when necessary
  • We also offer parallel services for the importation of feed and petfood including labeling and representation at the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Veterinary Services. For more details, please get in touch with Reut Sharon by email: