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Sharon Reuveni


Sharon holds a B.Sc. in Biotechnology and Food Engineering from the Technion and a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from the Tel-Aviv University

Sharon is our DGM and one of the founders of Sher Consulting and Training. Sharon also provides consultation on establishing integrated management systems (quality, food safety, environmental care, occupational health and safety and good laboratory practices) and consults organizations for sustainability and corporate social accountability in Israel and abroad.

In addition, she performs audits for multinational customers in Israel and overseas.

Sharon possesses unique knowledge of food and sustainability, enabling her to provide consulting services for regulatory mapping, compliance assessment and practical implementation solutions.

Upon completing her studies at the Technion, Sharon joined the IDF’s Logistics Corps Food Division, where she had an active role in inspection and control of the military’s food suppliers. She subsequently joined the Standards Institution of Israel’s Quality and Certification Division as a lead auditor in the fields of food, chemicals and agriculture. She was responsible for certifying organizations according to various international management standards including ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO 14001. Four years later she was appointed as the Head of the Food and Agriculture Sector where she was instrumental in introducing international food safety certification schemes to Israel, such as HACCP, BRC, BRC-IoP and more.

Sharon concurrently completed her Masters degree in Environmental Engineering and Management, enabling her to participate in establishing the Standards Institution’s ISO 14001 certification activities and to actively perform dozens of ISO 14001 audits.

She specializes in the field of sustainability in the food industry and uses the knowledge she gained in courses at Cambridge University’s School of Sustainability to provide advanced solutions in this field


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